1024P/R Shaft 6mm ABZ 3 channels Open Collector Output 5 to 26V Rotary Encoder CALT

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The Incremental Rotary Encoder is designed to provide pulse feedback when the shaft is rotated. It is low cost yet compact, high quality and an incremental rotary encoder.
Widely used in Steel Industry, Textile Machinery, Port Machinery, Plastic Machinery, Lifting Machinery, Pressure Machinery, Glass Machinery, Printing Machinery, Wood Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Machine Tool, ogistics Machinery, Tire Machinery, Electronics and Solar, Elevator.

Incremental type shaft encoder
5V to 26V input
Shaft diameter: 6mm
Body diameter: 38mm
Cable length: 1 meter
Pulse: 1024P/R
Output: NPN Open Collector output, Provide 3 outputs, OUT A, OUT B and OUT Z
Output wave form: Square wave
Maximum shaft speed: 6000 rpm
Protection: IP54
Current consumption: ~150 mA
Maximum pulse: 100 KHz
Weight: about 0.1kg
Operating temperature: -30°C to +85°C
Storage temperature: -30°C to +95°C
Operating humidity: 30 to 85% without frost

Red=VCC, Black = 0V, Green = A, White = B, Yellow = Z

Note: If the encoder is not connected to the device can not be directly oscilloscope oscilloscope (open collector output without pull-up resistor when there is no voltage output) If you want the oscilloscope in AB two-phase output with two pull-up resistors.

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