12V 6A Automatic Lightweight LCD Display Smart Fast Car Battery Charger Power Supply Maintainer, Black(EU) Zerone

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Product Description

  • Manage the Current of the Battery:This Battery Charger Uses Micro MCU Controller to Manage the Process of the Battery Charging.The Charger will Automatically Stop Charging When it is Getting Fully Charged.The Smart Charging Indicator Shows Charging Process Directly, which Facilitates Users to Manage the Current of the Battery.
  • PWM Charging Mode:This Battery Charger Uses Three-Phase Charging Mode (PWM Charging Mode), Including Constant Current Charging Phase, Constant Voltage Charging Phase, Floating Charging Phase.
  • Automatic Trickle Function:Prevent Water Loss, Current Limitation Function: Protect Charger and Storage Battery, Greatly Prolong the Service Life of them.
  • Anti-Anti-Charging Function:Anti-Reverse Connecting Function: Anti-Reverse Connecting Circuit Between Positive Pole and Negative Pole, Protect Your Charger from Damage.
  • Anti-Shock Delay Start Function: Reduce the Startup Current, Prevent Strong Current Shock, to Protect Your Charger and Storage Battery from Damage.

This battery charger with screen display uses micro MCU controller to manage the process of the battery charging and adopts three-phase charging mode (PWM charging mode). With online battery detection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, anti-reverse connecting protection, etc., prolong the service life of your storage battery and charger.

Peak charge current: 5-6V
Input voltage: 100v-240v
Output voltage: 12V
Charging current: 6A
Charger Mode: Three-phase
Rated input voltage: 47-63hz
Full load efficiency: ≥ 87%
Applicable temperature: -20 ~ 90 ℃
Application scope: For lead-acid batteries, storage batteries, gel batteries
Plug type: US,EU (Optional)
Color: Black (Shown as the pictures)
Size: 153 × 60 × 80mm / 6.0 × 2.4 × 3.1in
Package weight: Approx. 382g

Package List:
1 x Charger

Please allow for a 0.1"-0.2" error due to manual measurement.

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