2 Pcs Heavy Duty Dual Key Ring Detachable Pull Apart Keyrings Snap Lock Holder Keychains Silver erioctry

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Product Description

  • Material: Steel with Chrome Plated
  • Dimension: 3" inch; Color:Silver(as picture shown)
  • Can be fastened to belt, hangbag or keyring, mini clue card etc.
  • Classic pull-apart keychains; all-steel construction with durable bright silver nickel finish.
  • Package included: 2 pieces of Key ring holder

* Depress plunger for easy separation of keys from ring without removal
* Spring-loaded ball bearing coupling mechanism prevents accidental release
* Can be fastened to belt, hangbag or keyring mini clue card etc.
* Creative design functional, practical and attractive
* Made with stainless steel and two 1 inch diameter split rings, inches total long length
*Easy use for business, household and car key purpose.
Package include:
2 pieces of Key ring holder

Customer reviews(9)

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Nathan Simon
April 2, 2018
had an issue where the detachable parts were sticking together, guess i need to wear those bearings down a bit...
June 13, 2018
They came in full of rust wasn’t impressed but work good
Ron Harper
July 1, 2018
Angel Weeks
January 25, 2018
works well.
David Shawn
August 3, 2018
Not as good quality as I was expecting but still does the job
Craig Boettcher
May 21, 2018
The inside of these things were completely rusted, some rust was visible on the outside as well.
May 4, 2018
Absolutely horrible and completely rusted. Bag is full of rust it’s so rusted.
William Brown
November 18, 2018
I had my own but bought these for my partner who has two cars and about 8 other keys on her ring. I put it all together for her and she's most pleased.