3x 150g SUPREME HERBAL HENNA Powder Dark Brown Hair Color Export Chef

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  • You are buying 3 packet of Supreme henna Dark Brown color. Each packet contains 150gm . Total = 450 gm
  • Supreme Herbal henna is made up of natural Henna which is selected from the finest Henna Plants in India.
  • Its regular use Nourishes, Fight Dandruff, reduce hair Loss and make your Hair Shinny and silky.
  • Best for beautiful, silky, shiny & smooth hair. Export Quality Henna. World's finest Product. Natural Herbal hair conditioner.
  • Ingredients: Natural henna

Method of Application: Soak Supreme Henna Mehndi in water for 30 minutes. Apply Mehndi paste gently with brush. Once the paste is dry, wash your Hair. For better coloring, it is recommended to wait for 2-3 hours after applying the paste. For nourishment, protection from dandruff and smooth a& silky look of you hair, use Supreme Herbal Henna regularly. Precautions: Do not use it on Eye brow and Eye lashes. First test it on some of your Hairs before using it if you have allergy problem. Manufactured By: Supreme Worldwide. Country of Origin: Product of India. Product Weight: 5.25 OZ (150 Grams). Storage Instructions: Store in dark & dry Place. Direction: Packet Package: Packet **PLEASE NOTE THE PACKAGING DESIGN MAY VARY FROM THAT SHOWN. SUPREME HENNA MANUFACTURES THEIR HENNA USING BOTH THE NIKHAR AND THE SUPREME BRAND. DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY YOU MAY RECEIVER PACKETS LABELLED EITHER NIKHIL OR SUPREME. REGARDLESS OF THE OUTER PACKAGING THE HENNA QUALITY IS THE SAME.**

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June 8, 2018
Turned my hair and scalp fire engine red. It's suppose to be dark brown.