Aexit 5Pcs AC Winch Accessories 20A/125V 16A/250V DPDT 6P 2 Position Green LED Light Boat Rocker Switch Switches UL Listed

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Product Description

  • The precise design guarantees that the rocker switches can be safely and easily installed.
  • Snap-in mounting.; Safety Approval: UL Certification.One Year Warranty.
  • Marked on the rocker: I/O (on/off) for precise indications.
  • Built in green light (light lits when switch is in the on position).(DPDT) Contact Type, 6 Terminals.
  • The Toggle Rocker Switch mainly used for many car, motorcycle, boat, some machine,water dispenser, etc.

Product Name:Rocker Switch
Pole and Throw:DPDT
Terminal Quantity:6
Lamp Color:Green
Rated Voltage:AC 20A/125V 16A/250V(for resistive load only)
Overall Size:32 x 25 x 38mm (L*W*H)
Mounting Size:31 x 22mm  (L*W)
Safety Approval: UL Certification
Material:Plastic, Metal
Package Content: 5Pcs x Rocker Switch
AC 250V Current rerating for different loads
Inductive Load: 5.6A
Lamp Load: 2.88A
Motor Load: 3.2A
Capactive Load: 2.88A
AC125V Current rerating for different loads
Inductive Load: 7A
Lamp Load: 3.6A
Motor Load: 4A
Capactive Load: 3.6A
Very Important Notice:Ratings on the switch label are only for Purely Resistive AC load, for other types of loads please refer to the ratings above.DC load Current ratings are much lower than AC load,if you need to use this switch with more than 0.5A DC load,contact us for compatibility at first.

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