Apalus Hair Straightening Brush, Ceramic Hair Straightener, Straight Hair Styling HC002

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Color Name:Black


Product Description

  • Power switch and heat UP/DOWN keys will be locked in 5 seconds when it is power on. Double click the power switch will unlock the keys.
  • In-house technology of temperature control. Comb case temperature is controlled at 50-60℃(120-140℉) for safety use.
  • Fast heat-up:1 minute heat up to 80℃ (180℉), 3 minutes heat up to the max 230℃ (450℉).
  • Convenient Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press "+""-"button at same time.
  • 25% longer ceramic plates, brush structure design great for hair root straightening.

Customer reviews(789)

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September 21, 2016
October 8, 2017
Love this product! Amazing apparence! small and foldable, easily fits into a velvet bag, which comes with it. Great performance too, it heats up fast and makes my curly and frizzy hair straight right away. I usually spend 10 mins straightening my hair using the traditional straightener every morning. Now it's half the time with this brush. Highly recommend!!!!
May 19, 2017
Alright, so, this thing is AMAZING!!!!

I have long, bleached hair. It is fine and brittle at times. I am constantly doing conditioner caps from using my regular flat iron. Since my hair is fine and I have a natural wavy tight curl,my hair ends up rather frizzy when it dries on it's own, so straightening my hair is a must.

When I first received it, it came in a lovely box with a travel drawstring bag.

The first time I used the brush, again because my hair has had better days lol, I started with a lower heat setting and have been building up higher and higher. I am currently at 380° and it straightens it completely! My hair is shiny and silky when I use it as opposed to my flat iron which will leave a shine, but always gives that straw sensation at the ends.

I saw a few comments stating that the brush came used with hairs in it, this was not the case for me. Perfect condition.
A few other comments said that there was a few of the rubber tips missing, the anti scald bristles, again not the case.
It heats up very quickly, faster than my current flat iron.
The brush is maybe slightly heavier than a regular brush but nothing we can't handle. The back of the brush does get warn but again, nothing we can't handle, I STILL ADVISE TO EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN USING ANY HEATED TOOLS LIKE THIS SO PLEASE ALWAYS BE CAREFUL.

This brush has been a heaven sent for me. It has saved so much time on my beauty regiment. It takes me a total of 10 minutes in the morning between the moment I plug it in and turn it on until it is unplugged. I would absolutely recommend this product and already have.

In short:

Heats fast
Leaves hair shiny and silky
Saves loads of time
A lot less damage than a regular flat iron (virtually no damage.)
and leaves you looking FABULOUS!!! :D
March 21, 2016
This is awesome! Straightening your hair is as easy as brushing it. Have not burned my head once! Bristles with rubber tips are the ones the touch your skin and are warm but won't burn. The uncovered ones are HOT be careful. Awesome product and would recommend!
October 23, 2016
My expectations weren't that high for a few reasons. First, anything that can make my naturally wavy and frizzy hair look a little more tame is most welcome. I wasn't expecting miracle straight and smooth hair after using this brush. I was really surprised at the results though. It straightens much quicker than a straightener. It doesn't do as good a job, but it does a good enough job when you're in a hurry. I paid over $200 for my straightener, which was the second reason I didn't have high expectations for this brush. The price was really reasonable in comparison to other products I have purchased. I would recommend this product. On those mornings when I wake up after going to bed with wet hair, I'm really grateful for it. It's a big time saver!
August 22, 2017
Arrived fast. I'm very happy with my purchase, and comes with a very handy heat glove, useful clips and a lovely pouch. It heats up quickly and takes considerably less time to straighten my hair than a regular straightener. I have long hair, which is not very curly but a little puffy. It does the miracles with my hair, and leaves it feeling silky and soft. Would like to recommend the product to other girls who have the similar hair.