Artistic buckle 'Motherland' on a leather belt

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Ukrainian poets and writers described their Motherland using various images, but mostly there were images of a young girl with a very harsh and unjust fate. But despite that, this girl never loses her pride and never gets on her knees. We find this image really strong and inspiring, so we decided to create our new buckle as a "Don't give up" reminder for those who are facing some struggles.

Made in Ukraine! - 100% of our products are made by skilled masters so you can be sure to receive a high-quality product.

  • SOLID BRASS BELT BUCKLE - Buckles are cast from brass. After casting, each buckle is processed manually. After processing, the buckle is covered with patina and polished one more time.
  • 100% LEATHER BELT | FULL-GRAIN CALFSKIN - Our belts are made of solid piece of leather, which means they will serve you for a long time.
  • UNISEX BELT - Our belts fit perfectly for both men and women. So it can be a great present for any occasion! 
  • UKRAINIAN BELT BUCKLE – This buckle is the one from our wide Ukrainian series. The buckle is created in the form of a map of Ukraine.

Every product comes complete with crafted carton packaging, a leaflet with a description of the product and a polishing sponge. If you order a buckle, you can order additional leather packaging. 

Easy to adjust! - The buckle is attached to a leather belt mount, which is connected to a belt with a screw, which makes it easy to shorten the belt.

Buckle sizes: 2.36"x3.74" (60х95 mm).
Belt's length: 47 inches-48 inches (120-125 cm). 
Belt's width: 1,5 inches (38 mm).

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