Compressport 4QUAD Multisport White Leg Warmers 2017

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the leg thigh compressport forquad multisport is ideal for all types of athletes, whatever their discipline. it is a unique product designed exclusively for the upper muscles of the legs. it holds the iliotibial tract and creates an optimal compression on the quadriceps and the hamstrings tendons. so much for how after sport practice, these leg warmers favor venous return, reducing the accumulation of toxins and increasing oxygenation of the muscles. this system helps reduce recovery time. they help to prevent and reduce fatigue and muscular damages due to its reduction of impact waves and muscle oscillation system. it is a lightweight garment that does not hold water and so it stays dry in all weather conditions and temperature, thus helping to regulate body temperature. do not cover the groin, so it can be carried under the pants. in addition, it is not necessary to wash the garment in the washing machine. features: -leg exclusive for those muscles upper of the legs. -leg technical ultra-strong and ultra-ligeras. -it accelerates venous return. -use in training, competition and recovery phases. -anti-fatigue. -effect micro-massage-fibre. -reduction of impact waves and muscle oscillation. -it can be hand washed without having to put it in the washing machine. -it promotes the reduction of lactic acid. -compression 360 ° without seams: less vibrations and greater resistance. -compression optimal on the quadriceps and tendons of the corva. carving t1-diameter base quadriceps 33-39 cm; diameter part upper quadriceps 47-57 cm. size t2 - diameter base quadriceps 36-42 cm; diameter part upper quadriceps 52-62 cm. size t3 - diameter base quadriceps 39-45 cm; diameter part upper quadriceps 57-67 cm. size t4 - diameter base quadriceps 42-46 cm; diameter part upper quadriceps 62-72 cm. size t5 - diameter base quadriceps 45-57 cm; diameter part upper quadriceps 67-77 cm.

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