Divo Cute Animal Shape Bath Sponge Body Gentle Exfoliate Puff Pouf Spa Loofah Mesh Luffa Loofah Body Scrubber- 1 Pc

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Color Name:Pink


Product Description

  • Divo loofah has the ability to exfoliate the skin by gently removing dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth
  • SALE FOR: 1 Piece Sponge
  • WEIGHT: 20 Grams
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Color Name:Pink

Whether you call it a luffa, loofa, loufa, loofah, lufa, pouf, or something else entirely, our mesh bath and shower sponge will keep your skin healthy and smooth like never before
* Sale for: 1 Sponge | Weight: 20 Grams
* Divo sponges are one of the most natural and caring ways to cleanse, massage and exfoliate your skin. Divo Sponges are highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, are softly textured and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin

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