Ford Crankshaft Positioning Tool (same as 303-448) OTC 525219

CA $95.94


Product Description

  • This aftermarket tool is the same as the 303-448
  • Designed for use on Ford 1993 and newer 4.2L 2-valve, 4.6L 4-valve and 5.4L and 6.8L V-8 engines when installing timing chains

These engines are not free-wheeling and if an engine has (jumped time) is possible the cylinder heads have to be removed because of damage to the valve or pistons. Easily installs over the crankshaft and engine front cover alignment dowel to position the crankshaft at top-dead-center: the correct position for timing chain installation. Ford p/n T9P-60-A Global p/n 0-. OTC-60

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