LapWorks 15' Heavy Duty Swivel With Steel Ball Bearings for Indoor/Outdoor Use With Flat Panel Monitors and Big Screen Tv's Inc. SWV-ALL-15

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Product Description

  • Our products are made of 100% high impact ABS material while other inferior swivels are made of a softer Polypropylene which is so much softer (and less expensive) than ABS that heavy items will dent them and they eventually will no longer turn smoothly. We have tested our ABS swivels through 10,000 operation with varying weight loads and they have never shown any ware or denting by the ball bearings regardless of the amount of weight loaded onto them.
  • All-purpose swivel / turntable / Lazy Susan / rotating stand
  • Steel ball bearing for ease of rotation and long lasting
  • Improves merchandising allowing customers to rotate standing product
  • Full 360 degree Rotation Supports up to 200 lbs.

The Swiv-All is an all-purpose swivel/turntable/Lazy Susan/rotating stand. It's handy for just about anything that requires rotating or swiveling 30 degrees or simply rotating from side to side. Our Swiv-All's are available in three sizes - 10", 1" and 15". We also offer a Big Screen TV Swivel. Search "BIG SCREEN TV SWIVEL".
Our products are made of 100% high impact ABS material. We have tested our swivels in 10,000 operations with varying weight loads and they have never shown wear or denting by the ball bearings regardless of the amount of weight loaded onto them. Beware of inferior swivels made of Polypropylene, much softer and less expensive than ABS, that will dent and fail under heavy weight.
Due to the impressive amount of dead weight each Swiv-All can support, they have a surprising number of uses. They are handy indoors, outdoors, in a shop environment, a retail or office environment or just about anywhere.
Swiv-All's help with curio cases, display cases, table lamps or arts & crafts projects. Swiv-All's are great for screen sharing monitors and notebook computers, TV's, desk phones, printers, fax machines, speakers and potted plants. Use them for any small appliance without high heat.
In a retail setting, they allow customers to rotate a standing product that is best viewed from all sides. For photography purposes, the Swiv-All's are great for taking 30 degrees images of anything you can set on them.
The 10" Swiv-All has 1 steel ball bearings. Supports up to 100 lbs.
The 1.8" Swiv-All has 18 steel ball bearings. Supports up to 150 Lbs.
The 15." Swiv-All has 4 steel ball bearings. Supports up to 00 lbs.
To prevent slipping, rubber bumpers on the Swiv-All provide super gripping. Some heavier items may need a layer of no-slip material like kitchen cabinet rubber mats (not included). Some doming may occur until weight applied.

Customer reviews(7)

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Manuel Hoskins
November 2, 2014
Excellent product! Works exactly as claimed. Quiet, smooth movement and less than .8 inch thick. Also there are small rubber 'feet' on the bottom so it will stay in place and not mar the furniture.
Bill Hare
July 19, 2014
Okay but has a little wobble with anything too tall on it.
duncan mcmaster
April 13, 2015
Works like a charm, especially for when the sunlight is streaming through the window.
Mary M.
January 17, 2015
Love this product
January 15, 2015
Perfect. As described. Holds and swivels our 32" LCD TV easily.
Rose T
July 12, 2014
Purfect for my 39" TV. love it.
Yvemar Rodriques
August 11, 2014
Works perfect for me.