ONECES Handheld Calculator Extra-Compact Basic Office Calculator (Battery Included)

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Product Description

  • Extra-compact portable size; Product Dimensions: 5" x 4" x 1.2"
  • Floating decimal point system. Automatic power off-Approx 7 minutes
  • Extraction of square root; Product Dimensions:
  • The screen slopes upwards towards users which makes it very clear and easy to read.
  • Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority, contact us firstly if you have any question. offers Lifetime Warranty and 60-DAYs for refund or replacement.

Electronic Calculator Instruction


Adds the number shown on the display to the number stored in the memory 

Example:3*8 + 2*6. If you directly inputs these numbers to the calculator,you will see the wrong answer: 156. 

If you press [3*8], [M+], [2*6], [M+], then press [MRC] once, you will get the right answer: 36.


Subtracts the number shown on the display to the number stored in the memory.


Combination of [MR] and [MC]. 

[MR]: Recall the current memory register value. 

[MC]: Clear the memory register (set to zero).

When you press the key once, the [MR] key was activated, when you press the key twice, the [MC] was activated.


1 x calculator 

1 x Product manual


There is a built-in cell battery in each calculator that will lasts for several months. When the battery is exhausted, please replace a new battery for continuous and accurate usage. Because some buyers may use it in the early morning or in the evening, and the screen maybe difficult to read in low light.

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