Outdoor Multifunction 10 in 1 Military Camping Survival Compass With Hygrometer Led Light Thermometer magnifying glass whistle Flint Fire Starter Ya Sheng Xuan

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Product Description

  • This compact tool has 10 vital functions packed into one tool. It acts as a thermometer, hygrometer, mirror, compass, level, magnifying glass, ruler, LED light, whistle, and a flint fire starter
  • Start living your life like a true survivor man with this tool.
  • Lightweight and duable construction. You can carry it in your pocket anywhere.
  • Handy for Hiking, Camping, Spelunking, etc
  • Size: 7 x 3.7 x 2.5cm,Net Weight: 72g

1. Compass: Measure for magnetic azimuth (Relative functions of compass: acquire data at horizontal and vertical level)
2. Thermometer: Measure for ambient temperature
3. Hygrometer: Measure for ambient relative humidity
4. Reflector: Call for help in country-side, reflect sunlight to sent out the light signal
5. Whistle: Call for help in country-side, sent out the sound signal.(use tappet to push out the whistle from the third hole at the left side)
6. Spirit level: Determine level condition
7. Flint: Wilderness survival by make fire.
8. Magnifier: Find a coordinate in a map.
9. Ruler: Measure a distance (3cm length)
10. LED light: Lighting
11. Dimensions (L x W x H): 7 x 3.5 x 2.5cm
Package Includes:
1* Multi-function 10 in 1 Survival Tool

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wicky norm
July 16, 2017
cool...nice for camping