Why Wax? Why Tweeze? Helix Threadease Hair Threading System HealthCentre 333

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  • Why Wax? Why Tweeze? Helix Threadease!
  • New Hair Threading Tool. Removes Unwanted Hair Quickly & Easily! Excellent for home or salon use. Great for face & body hair. Many spas/salons use our products.
  • Comes with 2 Threading Tools, a Spool of Thread, and a Nice Carry Case. Tool Color is Red.
  • See our demo videos at our YouTube channel for Helix Threadease
  • We "Love" Our Customers!

You get a complete threading kit: two Red Helix ThreadEase Threading Tools, a stylish carry bag, and a spool of thread.Many Salons are using our products to remove unsightly facial and body hairs. We even work on toes! Who wants to spend the time giving themselves or a friend a pedicure, only to leave unsightly foot hairs. Our Helix Threadease home/salon threading tool, allows anyone to easily remove unwanted hairs!Adding threading to your beauty regimen can result in a more beautiful and exotic look. Many women have problems with unwanted facial and body hair. Even fine hairs in the chin and cheek areas can be unsightly. These can easily be removed with threading. In fact, many of the worlds most experienced beauty experts and photographers, will insist that their "models" have all of their facial hairs removed (via threading) prior to photo shoots. However, until today, most people had to visit an expensive salon to fulfill their threading needs.Threading is the experts choice for hair removal. It has been the preferred method of hair removal in the Middle East and Asia for centuries. Our Helix "ThreadEase" home threading tool, now gives everyone the opportunity to "thread" at home. This will allow you to carefully groom and remove facial hair when needed, keeping your face clean and hair free. This will result in a sharper and more youthful look.Threading can also be used to shape and contour your eyebrows for a lovely and exciting look. Nothing brings more attention to a beautiful face and eyes, than a pair of well groomed and shapely brows. The Helix "ThreadEase" system can be used by anyone as part of their daily beauty regimen. We are convinced that the Helix "ThreadEase" system can make you more beautiful. Being beautiful is a choice. Choose to be beautiful!See our videos at www.helixhairthreading.comSee independent customer reviews by visiting your youtube channel at:www.youtube.com/user/Helixhairthreading?feature=mhee

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February 12, 2014
I like the idea, and I love the instructional videos, but even after several tries I'm still having a rather hard time using the Helix.
Maybe I just need a lot more practice? I'm not ready to give up quite yet, but frustrated enough to take an extended break from practicing...
Jenny K
March 7, 2016
Not as easy as they make it sound!! I tried multiple times and I eventually have up. Someone with more patience and coordination might have better luck.
October 17, 2013
Extremely easy to use. Does it's job very well. Very well constructed and shipped very quickly - excellent idea for a present for moms! Definitely recommended. :)
Karen Stanton
August 18, 2016
Doesn't work
February 21, 2014
This product is amazing and I would definitely recommend it. When you first get it watch the tutorials, they very helpful.
Amazon Customer
May 14, 2016
Works, takes practice though. Overtime, hoping to get better and faster.
October 4, 2014
Great love them
July 4, 2015
I have to try it first. I think it's easy to use .